Laboratory accreditation

BlueLion is COLA Accredited High Complexity Laboratory with State licenses across the US.

About Us

BlueLion encompasses a wide range of cutting-edge techniques and technologies that play a crucial role in both scientific research and healthcare applications.

High Quality Lab Services

We are a team of experts and specialists in specific branches dedicated to research and diagnosis.
We are fully prepared to provide you with our best services.

Client Describes projects

A concise overview of the endeavor they have in mind.

Lab Generate Proposal

Develops a proposal by carefully assessing the client’s requirements and project specifications.

Testing Begins

A systematic and controlled process to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Reports Delivered

Comprehensive and well-organized reports containing essential findings and analyses.


Years of Experience

We’ll Ensure You Always Get Best Results.

BlueLion Health services offer expertise, equipment, and methodologies tailored to specific requirements, such as advanced research, quality control, regulatory compliance, or product development.

Specialty Testing

Providing in-depth insights into complex materials, substances, or conditions.

Health Applications

Supporting research, development, and innovation in fields such as biology, genetics, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Mass Spectrometry & UHPLC Technologies
  • ELISA and PCR Methods
  • Expanding platforms based on client needs

Additional Laboratory Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of contract laboratory services to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow.

Designing a laboratory sample collection kit involves creating a comprehensive, user-friendly package that ensures the safe and efficient collection, transport, and preservation of biological or environmental samples for laboratory analysis.

The fulfillment of a laboratory sample collection kit involves assembling and delivering a complete and ready-to-use package to the end user, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for collecting and transporting samples for laboratory analysis.

The creation of a secured results portal for a laboratory involves the development of a digital platform where clients and authorized personnel can securely access and manage laboratory test results.